how and why i became a graphic designer

To put it simply, I love art that makes me think and that tells a story. Even more, I adore the creative minds that want to share their craft and story with others. Melding these two thoughts has been an amazing journey. My heart is whole, when I am asked to take part in building someone else's dream business!

I have been drawing since preschool and towards the end of high school I actually wanted to be a tattoo artist! How cool would it be to create something with so much meaning that someone wants to carry that story with them forever!

Throughout college, I found myself pulled towards compelling brand stories and the science behind it all. Naturally, learning more about graphic design sounded like the best way to explore my passion to draw, creating lasting marks with meaning, and finally work with individuals who wanted to share their own stories.

It wasn't until I began my own entrepreneur endeavors that I realized my strong desire to build a consistent experience for everyone who interacted with my brand. I had so much fun with the process, I went back to school to learn and begin sharing my skills with the rest of the world! There is nothing better than finding and living your passion!


My business name represents the following:

individuality is power | be present | perception is reality

First, there is no business without me.

Second, with everything I do, I give 100%.

Third, my work will always be a reflection of you. 

I say these things to empower you to think the same about your business. 

type A | hippy soul | feminist

In addition to being an artist and  designer, I would also consider myself a hippy at heart. I crave deep conversations while walking along the beach and drinking a cold coke dreaming of empowering others. If you couldn't tell, I'm also a complete goofball! I've given up on matching my socks when I became a mother and have sworn off meat for the rest of my life. Vegetarian since 2010!

I married my best friend at a justice of the peace ceremony after moving half way across the country (and back to Virginia less than 6 months later. Thank you military life and crazy Kansas tornadoes).

Most importantly, I'm a mom of an eccentric and independent little who adores wearing dresses and playing with Legos. You may see her pop up at times, we affectionately call her Miss Bits! When I'm not creating for myself or other business owners, I'm getting messy and artistic with her! From music to crayons, adventures and paint, we love exploring and talking about colors, shapes, and nature! 

For inquiring minds, wanting to know even more, here are some random facts. I love big hair, went to college to major in the trombone, and sometimes I talk really loud when I get excited or passionate about things. I don't know that I'm doing it though, so just interrupt me and tell me to quiet down.


my family

 we are all a little crazy and a lot in love with each other