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the road to success

is always under construction

- lily tomlin -

I'm opening myself for a new adventure; beginning to share more of my knowledge, skills, and talents with fellow creative minds. 

As creatives, artists, mostly introvert, and people who are often more empathy driven we follow our hearts to create our passion and ultimately build our careers. With all of this, we also create a lot of blocks, end up procrastinating, and making excuses about why things are certain ways. Why we can't do something, or even blame other people for our failures. 

This is self pep talk as much as it is encouragement! 

Having the unique position of seeing these patterns after working with various entrepreneurs, I recognize these strengths and weaknesses in myself. So today, I am clicking publish on my website. Before I feel like I'm 100% ready, because who ever is really ready for anything? I'm also launching before I'm completely done. Yes, this makes me vulnerable and opens myself to criticism, but without failure there is no growth!

That sounds very cavalier, but believe when I say that I am sitting here at my desk thinking, "how can someone who wants to design and build an online home for someone else, start her path with something incomplete?!" You might be thinking the same thing of me right now, that's okay!

I can do this because I'm pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I am willingly pushing past my anxiety of "what if" and worries of judgement, because like so many other creatives, fear of all of the above is just a block. Your website, your brand story, and your career are always changing and morphing. Maybe not in dramatic ways, but if we aren't forever learning and pushing ourselves we will become stagnant and irrelevant. So I encourage you lean into your anxiety and begin today, right now. 

Click post, ask for help, send that email, you do you friends! 

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