How to be Popular on Social Media | Authenticity | Nicoleinbold Design and Consulting

I am going to go head and assume you said yes. Inherently, we all want to be popular and the most liked. There is no shame here! But, ask yourself two things:

  1. Is popularity really why you started a business? A simple yes or no.
  2. What are your business goals next year, 5 years from now, and even 10 years? Seriously write them down!

I am right there with you, don't get me wrong. I get caught in the numbers game of social media, watching my likes, follows, and comments wax and wane throughout the day, week, or month. It is intriguing yes, it feels good when someone out in the world interacts with us, but stop yourself! 

ain't no body got time for that!


I'm here to tell you that those numbers don't matter in the way you think they do. Yes, knowing the numbers are helpful in showing us where to better focus our marketing efforts, but to worry about the totals themselves is a bit off base.

Brand Designer and social media conscious encourager

As we grow and hone our voice and mission we will begin to repel people as much as we attract them. Believe it or not, this is what we want! We want those love at first sight viewers. These people are our tribe. We want our work to attract our target audience, the ones who will buy from us, and soldier our brands for us. This is the sweet spot of awesomeness. When your services and the experience you provide your clients builds your audience, with you and for you. 

I am not telling you to stop posting! Keep doing you! Spread your heart and your message far and wide. You will create some wonderful relationships. I just beg you not to continue with the like ladders and follow-a-thons that take place. They do not serve you as an entrepreneur who also needs to make a living. 

My issue with like and follow-a-thons, is that they are truly not helpful to you on a few fronts.

  1. They are like empty calories. Your numbers go up but your engagement goes down because now you have more peers following you rather than existing and potential clients. 
  2. It is not authentic engagement. Your intentional communication through social media gets lost when you ask for it. Instead, boost your engagement in other groups, comment on other artists work you admire, be present in your market, and post content that elicits a response. Whether it be an emotional reaction or answering a question. 
  3. The more people you follow the higher your potential will be to compare, burnout, lose you authenticity for your market.

In the end, think about what your real goals are. What is the mission statement of your company? Have you written core values out to help you better determine the best course of action when decisions pop up? Once you align these things, and speak with authenticity, people will follow you. They will like you because you are being you, and that is your brand!

Go forth, get out there and live your brand, be present, authentic, and engage with people. You may find that when you do this, you will grow in more ways than one. I believe in you!

With grit and grace,